War and Peace in Moidart

This section deals with modern warfare, but not with Prince Charlie's progressions.

The First World War affected Moidart as it did the rest of Europe - many men went away and often did not come back.

The Second World War saw many folk cleared from Moidart to make way for a Special Forces Training Unit based at Inverailort Castle, Roshven House, Dorlin House and Arisaig House.  The military was much in evidence in various guises, all over the area.

Since the Second World War the military are still very active around Moidart, usually seen flying over at high speed or dealing with munitions left over from the war.

Bullets in Glenuig - Ken Bowker

Crash of RAF Shackleton XF702

Ernest Dale - memoirs of Inverailort Castle in wartime

HMS Dorlin - two papers by Tony Colvin

John Alderson's war diary, early 1944

Major's Hall's talk in Glenuig, August 13th 2001 - Jean Bowker

Mica Prospecting in Moidart - Ken Bowker

Naval Vessels in Moidart - HMS Prince Leopold and HMS Quentin Roosevelt - John Dye

Observation Post at Salen, World War Two - John Dye

Proposals for Cantoning - Gordon Barr

Ton's War - recorded by John Dye Wartime Mica Prospecting in Moidart Wartime training - .303 cartridges - Ken Bowker

Womens' Forestry Service - Graffiti at Polloch