Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 45

this fatal day proved so fatal to us as it did; [Add to this, what we of the clan Clan Mcdonald’s McDonalds thought Ominous ominous, we had not this day the right hand in battle as formerly and as  we enjoyed in this Enterprise enterprize when the event proved successfull;,  as at Gladsmoor Gladsmuir & and Falkirk, and which our clan maintains they we had enjoyed in all our battles and struggles in behalf of our Royal Royall Family family since the battle of Bannockburn, on in which glorious day Rob. Robert the Bruce bestowed this honour upon Angus Mcdonald McDonald, Lord of the Isles, as areward a reward for of his never to be forgotten  forgot fidelity to that brave Prince prince in protecting him for above 9 nine months in his Countrys country of Rack.lin Rachlin, in Isla & and Uist Vist, as the same name have done since to his Royal royall Successor successor. This right we have (I say) enjoyed ever since, unless when yeilded by us out of favour, upon particular occasions, as was done to the Laird of Mcclean McLean at the battle of Harlaw.; ------ but our sweet natured Prince P. was prevailed on by L----l & L. and his faction to assign this honour to another .…..l & (?) on this fatal fatall day, which right we judge they will not refuse to yield yeild us back again nixt next (..ghti…) fighting day.  As to particulars of the Colloden Culloden battle I leave it to the above mentioned abovementiond & and other Accounts accounts well known to many


Dash after the last word, 'many', only filling in to the end of the line.