Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 42

upon which their advanced guard of 200 two hundred Horse horse and the Argyleshire Cambels Campbells, as Militia militia immediatly halted and drew up in order  also., but we perceiving their whole Army army advancing  advanceing retreated again.  Cbd. The Duke of Cumberland encamped on this ground and we marched back to Colloden Culloden Muir muir on the 14th  fourteenth of April. Our Army army had got no pay in money for a considerable some time past, but meal only, which the men being obliged oblidged to sell out & and convert into money,  which it went but ashort a short way for their other needs, at which the poor Creatures creatures grumbel’d grumbled exceedingly and were suspicious yt that we the officers had detained detaind it from them. To appease them  we had obliged oblidged us ourselves to promise give them payment of all their Arrears arrears two days befor before the battle, which we not being able to perform now made the fellows refractory & and more negligent of their duty; . However on tuesday Tuesday the 25th fifteenth we lay under our arms upon the hill all day expecting the Enemy enemy, without any other provision but asea a sea biscuit bisket to each man:  In the Evening evening it was resolved in a Council council of War war that we should march under cloud of night & and attack the Enemy enemy in their Camp camp at Nairn, judging judgeing yt that this being the D. of C.ds Duke of Cumberlands birth day birth-day his Army army would make merry and be less prepared for a Surprise  surprize. Accordingly we began our March set sett out about 8 eight aclock o’clock that night, with express orders to observe the