Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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frenchFrench withIngineers ingineers & and Artilery;artilary. Fort Augustus was taken & and demolished, but we were not so Successfull successfull at Fortwilliam Fort William, we not being properly provided for such an ane Interprise enterprize .

(Para break in Lockhart)

Whilst our Low country army lay at Aberdeen some ships from France had landed with money and arms, together with about three hundred of Fitz Jamesís dragoons, but mostly dismounted; and now they left Aberdeen altogether February twenty third and marched to Elgin and the nighbourhood in the country of Spy. Their orders was * As our Army from Aberdeenleft yt place Feb 23took possession of Elgin & the Speythe Country of Speyto defend the passage of that Spey river agt against the D. Duke of Cumbd. Cumberland who had by marched from Stirling by the East east Coast coast with his whole Army army towards Aberdeen, having haveing sent detachmts detatchments from Perth to Dunkeld, & Castle Menzies& and Bl Blair of Athole, And and befor before he left Perth, about 6000 six thousand Hessians hadlanded at Leith and marching Westward westward by Sterling Stirling were ordered orderd to take up their quarters at Perth & and the neighbourhood nighbourhood in order to secure the retreat on purpose to prevent the return of our Highlanders to the Low country Lowcountry again, if we should attempt it.

(No para break in Lockhart)In our return fm Sutherlandto Inverness from Ross-shire we learnt learnd yt that the D. of C. Duke of Cumberland was marching with his whole Army army from Aberdn Aberdeen in order to cross they the Spey Spy & and give us battle, understanding, no doubt, of that our Army army being was much dispersed & and partys out upon different Command commands. in different places parts we . We therefore hastened hastned our march back to Inverness . and In in a few days after we had joined the Army P. again we were ordered to March march to Nairn & and from thence to Elgin to join those who were appointed to guard to the passage of the Spey Spy. Our Bat.

(Lockhart ignores the line drawn in the Journal and continues as if it were not there)

About this timethe Hazard Sloup (which the Ps freinds had made themselves masters ofat Montrose whilst he was in Englandand was now employed in his service) had come from France to the North with money, and being chased by some of the Government ships of war into the Murray firth, was driven on shoar, whereby the Money fell into the hands of Lord Raes People then in arms for e the Government,. a loss which might have been prevented if Lord Cromarty in the Ps service in that country had done his duty. This loss at so criticall a time contributed much to our future misfortunes, we being at this time in great want of pay which we had got very regularly hitherto.