Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 39

wait further orders, both Armys armys keeping guard on the opposite banks of the River Loch Sund Lochsund. by By the dilligence diligence of the D. Duke of Perth some Boats boats were got together, and being  happily favoured by the a fog we pass’d passed over, but our Enemys enemys left their post in great Consternation consternation and fled 5 five miles Northward northward towards Glenmore, where were we were told they were to wait for us. we We marched all night, the Van van led on by the D.  Duke of Perth & and  the Rear rear by Ld Lord Cromarty and here (?) *,and surprised and took prisoners about sixty of them besides Major McKenzie, the Laird of Forsie and severall other gentlemen.  we We Mcdonalds McDonalds were much perplex’d in the event of an ane Engagemt. ingagement how to distinguish our/selves ourselves from our Bretheren bretheren & and Neighbours nighbours the Mcdonald’s McDonalds of Sky seeing we were both  ? Highlanders & and both wore heather in our bonnets, only their our  white Cockades  cocades made some distinction,. we We understood As as we advanced (by our Scouts scouts) that the Enemy enemy continued to retire; we however still held on our pursuit very quick, thinking to come up with them, and having haveing marched 26 twenty six miles encamped encampd at the head of Lochshin. And by By our Intelligence intelligence we found that the Mccloeds McLoads & and Mcdonalds McDonalds were making makeing for the shoar to get to their own Isle of Sky, upon which we began begun our march back again to Inverness, Ld Lord Cromarty & and Barrisdale Barisdale &c &c. being left in the Country country to keep Ld Lord Sutherland &  and Ld Lord Rae’s  

(para break in Lockhart)

 (?)  As the P. came towards Inverness, it had been concerted to make an attack upon Fort Augustus & and Fort William; Accordingly accordingly Keppoch & and Lochiels Battalions battalions were ordered away for that purpose. together with some

marginal note:

*we however surprised & took prisoners abt 60 of them besides Maj. Mckenzie the Laird of Forsy & severl other Gentlemen


1 Lockhart incorporates the marginal note in the correct place.
2 Lockhart keeps to the amended reference to Lord Rae's people and omits the crossed out Makays.