Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 38

that the Lond. London Gazete told the world at this time that thotho the Rebels rebells gave out yt that they were to join again & and attack Ld Lord Lowdon Louden at Inverness yet that this was only given out to amuse amuze the people, for that they were actually disbanded (?).   . The P. accordingly march’d marched with the Highlanders to Blair of Athole and from thence to Ruthven of Badenoch which we  soon were  soon  masters of  where a party under the Comd command of Glenl. Glenbucket took and blew up the barracks there; from thence we took the road to Inverness.  Here as we were , and the P. lay at Mcintosh'e’s McIntosh’s House house about . miles fm from Inver’ss Inverness and his men canton’d about   in the neighbourhood. he He had almost been surprised surprized by Ld Lord Lowdon Louden from Inverness who march’d  marchd from Inss Inverness wth with abt about 2000 two thousand men to oppose him. This allarm alarm soon brought us altogether together, and Ld Lord Lowdon Louden retiring, we pursued closs to Inverness & and obliged oblidged him to cross the water, and soon After after made our selves ourselves Masters masters of the Castle castle & and garison garrison there Commanded commanded by  Mr Grant of Rothemurchus  Rothomurcus, a Major with some Grants & and *1 Mccloeds McLoads as  Independent independent Companys companys.  Ld  Lord Lowdon Louden with the President ? Forbes &c &c. in great hurry cross’d crossed the River Tayne river Tyne at Inverness by the Ferry of Kessock Kessack and got into the Shire of Ross Cromarty;, which day being tuesday Tuesday the 18th eighteenth of *2 Feby. February .  We we enter’d entered Inverness.  As Lord Lowdon Louden had carried all the boats to the other side it was necessary for us in order to come at him to go about about by the head of Tayne Tyne through Ferendonel  Torendonel, about 10 ten miles march, above Inverness  and accordingly Glengarys, Clanronalds’ Clanronalds, Ardsheals’ Ardsheals, Glengyle’s Glengyles, & and Barrisdale’s Barisdales Battalions battalions were ordered after them. under the Comd. command of the D. Duke of Perth & and Ld  Lord Cromarty.  Those under Ld Lord Lowdon's Loudens command were the Mccloeds McLoads, Sr Sir Al Alexander Mcdonalds McDonalds men , the Makays & and Monroe’s Monroes & and the grants  Grants about 2000 in all    about three thousand in all. upon Upon our approach they took flight again & and ferryed over Loch Sund Loch-sund to Sutherland,. we We encamped at Ferintosh to wait

Marginal notes:
*1   Feb
*2    B

Lockhart adds a summary that there three thousand men were under Lord Louden's command