Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
Italics = included in Lockhart
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Page numbered 37

Gentleman satisfied satisfyed of the unhappy fellow’s fellows Innocence innocence,  begg’d beggd with his dying breath that he might not suffer; with his dying breath but nothing could restrain the greif grief & and fury of his people, and good luck it was yt that he was a Mcdonald McDonald ( tho not of his own Tribe tribe but of Keppoch’s Keppochs) and after all they his men after all they began to desert daily after upon this accident,  which had abad a bad effect upon others also, and lessened lessend our numbers considerably.,  So so that when the D. of C. Duke of Cumberland who (upon the news of their late dissaster desaster at Falk. Falkirk was ordered down to Scotld  Scotland to take the Command command) was preparing to set sett out again from Edn Edinburgh with the Army army with areinforcement a reinforcement of 2 two Regiments regiments of foot & 4 R  L. . .  (?) & Ld McC. And Cobams and Lord M. Kers of dragoons, it was Judged  judged expedient by his R. H. the P. & and a Council council of war to retreat over  repass the Forth.  Col Colonel OSulivan having having wrote wrot to Ld Lord John Drumd. Drummond to leave the seige of Sterling Stirling and Join join us in the retreat.,  We ? we accordingly passed the Forth, Feb 1 February first at the ford of  Frew, carrying their our wounded *1men and prisoners alongst.  It was lucky for the D. of C.s Duke of Cumberlands character yt that the P. found it necessary to make his retreat upon his approach, and which no doubt would greatly augment his glory amongst his friends freinds & and *2followers whose Van-guard vanguard under Brigr.  Brigadeer Mordaunt enter’d Sterling Stirling on the 1st Feb in ? first February, on which day we pass’d  passed the Forth and went by Dumblane to Creif Crief. here Here a Council council being held, the Army army divided & and march’d marched in three  two seperarate seperat Corps corps,   the P. himself with the clans by Taybridge & near aberfeldy the publick highld Highland road, the Horse horse & and Low country men by Perth & and by the Coastside  coastside to Aberdeen, it being agreed yt that they should assemble again in the North north about t of Inverness, this measure being necessary for the Armys armys easier march & and better Subsistance subsistance ;. And I observe

Margin notes:
*1     (?) of Frew
*2    B:
*3    B.


The inserted text in the Journal… "Feb 1 at the ford of Frew" is used in the Lockhart version.