Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 34

the front lines of both Armys armys, which by this time were formed formíd.Our first Line line being was composed of the Highland, & and the second mostly of e the low Low country Regimentsregiments. Keppoch had by consent the Right right of all, as Clanronald had at the battle of Prestonpans Preston pans; . * Next to Keppochs men towards the left stood Clanronalds, next in order the McDonalds of Glengarie, the Frazers, the Camerons and the Stewarts of Appin. This right wing was commanded by Lord George Murray as Leutenant Generall. The left, consisting mostly of Low country men, was commanded by the Duke of Perth. the The P. with the horse his own & Fifz James his own guards & and Fitz Fits James Jamesís horse from France posted himselfimmediatly behind the Center centre of the foot, at about 20 twenty yds yards distce distance, that he might have a necessary and commanding view of the whole, and having Ld Lord John Drummond with the Irish Pickets pickets upon on his left.As the Enemys enemys Dragoonsdragoons rode off to their right betwixt the lines, (as was said) our men run ran eagerly in pursuit of them, but were much surprised to find themselves stopt by our Generals generalls & and officers who with difficulty restrained them pursuit with their drawn swords & and cocked pistols conjuring them to return to their ground or they would be undone. as As the Dragoons dragoons in their flight betwixt the lines passíd past by our left wing they could not forbear giving giveing them part of their fire like-wise likewise.

text inserted at the foot of the page:
Clanranalds battalion on his left, nixt to him Glengarys whose Battalion was now on Keppochs left, nixt order to the left were the Mcdonalds of Gengary nixtthe Frazers, the Camerons & the Stewarts of Appin this Rt. wg. was commanded by Ld G. Murray Leiut. Genl.The left wgcommanded by the D. of P. who


1. In the Lockhart version, material from the notes at the foot of this page has been edited to improve the sense and reduce repetition and has been incorporated in the appropriate place.
2. Lockhart ignores the top crossing out below this … Fitz James…" and incorporates the material adding "…guards"
3. The Lockhart version includes the extra information that the left wing consisted mostly of Low country men and that the Prince's position gave him a necessary and commanding view of the whole.
4. The Lockhart version does not ignore the crossed out paragraph that begins "His R.H.…" because the Journal repeats the same information on page 35. However on page 35, Lockhart elaborates slightly, using some of the crossed out material from page 34.