Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 33

took this appearance to be our whole Army army, and finding they did not advance, allowed his troops to dine dyne in their Camp camp.

(Para break in Lockhart)

To return to But to return to whilst our Main main Army body; wer was whilst we were making up towards the Hill hill above Falkirk (sic ) (as was said) the Enemy enemy at last perceiveding perceived us and immediatly their 3 three Regiments regiments of Horse Dragoons dragoons were ordered up to gain the ground upon us and hinder our forming till their foot should form and with their Cannon cannon be brought up the hill to support them.  The P. seeing the Intention intention of the Enemy  enemy, Dragoons in advancing, ordered 1500 or 2000 of his Highlanders under the Command of led on by  Ld Lord Geo.George Murray and Locheil, to advance & and drive them the Dragoons dragoons from the eminence they had possess’d possessd, till the main body of our army men should come up., and to form e the Right right of our ary army.   this This attack upon the dragoons was very quick & and regular;  as we came within pistol shot pistolshot  the Dragoons dragoons rode made up to us at afull a full trot, thinking to bear us down by their weight, & and break us at once, and indeed being well mounted & and accouter’d accouterd they made a glorious Show show, sufficient to have struck other hearts than ours with a pannick – We received them however with avery a very smart fire, upon which they reeled reeld & and broke into several Divisions divisions, Some some falling back upon their own foot on the left, others flying out of the field, whilst one body of them filed fled off to e the Right right betwixt


Some material on this page comes from the notes which appear on a torn out page that has been inserted following page 34. (see later).