Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
Italics = included in Lockhart
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Page numbered 32

 (the crossing out above is also omitted in Lockhart)

Jany. 17 The P. finding yt Gen. General Hawley did not move from his Camp camp at Falkirk  (wch  lay in the Feild below & a little N.W. of the Town) to attack him held a Council council of war, January the seventeenth, about midday wherein it was resolved to march & and attack him Hawley. accordingly Accordingly we set sett out in 2 two columns, and under the Cover cover of the Torwood  Tor wood & and holding above (to the South of) the Torwood to the South passed the water of Carron at Duni-pace Dunipace, and moved moveing on very quickly to gain the hill above Falkirth to on the its  S. West the and lying on the south west of Falkirk. Our two Columns keeping columns keept at an ane equall distance of about 200 two hundred paces till we came in sight of the Enemy ?   about a 2 miles  & enemy about a mile and a half distant from us.  at At the same time yt that we begun began our march Ld Lord John Drumd. Drummond  with most of the horse had gone to reconnoitre reconoitre the Enemy enemy & and made a Movement movement as if intendinged he intended to march by the highway high way thro’ through the Torwood Tor wood straight to the Enemy closs up to them, And and this might occasion what some accounts tell us, of Gen.General  Hawly Hawlays perceiving a body of  the Highlanders in the Torwood Tor wood

Margin notes:
*1   Jmd
*2   Ld. G
      Sc. Ma


The unsatisfactory first paragraph crossed out in the journal has been omitted in the Lockhart version. The Journal author rewrote the paragraph. Lockhart paraphrases the replacement paragraph (possibly to clarify meaning) and compacts to cut out repetition (vide Tor Wood) The two and a half miles from the enemy appears as one and a half miles in the Lockhart transcription.