Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 31

happened whilst while the P. was in Engld at Glasgow in England.  Here also joined we were joined by the Master of Lovat (Ld Lovats’  Lord Lovats Eldest eldest Son son) join’d  with the his Frazers, Glengyle’s Glengyle  with more of the reinforcement of Mcgregors McGregors, &c &c all joined us And the  and Inverallahy with the Farquarsons. The D. Duke of Perth commanded at the seige of Sterling Stirling Castle, the P.’s Ps Head Quarters headquarters being at Bannockburn near Falkirk.

(Para break in Lockhart)

After accomplishing our bussiness business at Lithgow Linlithgow & and taking some prisoners we were ordered to march  about half amile a mile east of Lithgow from the Town town of Linthgow in on the road towards Edn Edinburgh in order to cut cutt of off  Genl. Hawley’s General Hawlys advanced advance guard,  after After drawing up in aplain a plain there, and sending out a party of about 30 thirty Horse horse were sent out to reconoitre reconnoitre both the ground & and the Enemy enemy, and in less than an hour they returned to us and told they could descry no Enemy enemy near us, either Horse horse or Foot foot. upon which we marched back to Lithgow Linlithgow and had not been there half an  hour when we were alarm’d alarmed with the notice yt that the Enemy’s enemys whole Army army were was upon us. it It was their first Column fm column under Genl. Hu.…… Generall Husk just entering the east gate of the Town of L and Linlithgow. Upon this, considering our small Numbers numbers, we thought proper fitt to march off as quick as possible, which we did in pretty good Order order & and Joined joined our Army army at Falkirk  We all marched nixt next day westward to Bannockburn where the Headquarters head quarters were. , where Ld John Drumd joined the P. as did Ld Lewis Gordon Inverallachy with the Frasers with  and some Farquarsons. Genl. Generall  Hawley (who had been joind joined by the Argyleshire Highlanders to the number of about twelve hundred  under Genl Generall Cambel Campbell) .  About 1200 in number with the Governmts Governments troops encamped a little northwest from the Town toun of Falkirk


On this page, there are virtually no alterations in sense, despite initial appearances.. In the first paragraph, Lockhart adds…. "and Inverallahy with the Farquarson", but in the second paragraph, deletes… "as did Ld Lewis Gordon Inverallachy with the Frasers with and some Farquarsons". It therefore appears to be an editing change for clarification.