Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 25

indeed got good quarters and plenty of provisions in their march and were well paid; So yt  so that we Judged judged we were able to fight double our Number numbers of any troops ? yt that could oppose us; and would to God we had push’d pushed on tho tho’ we had been all cut cutt to pieces, when we were in a Condition condition for fighting and doing honour to our Noble noble P. & and the glorious cause we had taken in hand, rather than to have survived & and seen that fatal fatall day at Colloden Culloden when in want of Provisions provisions money and rest &c &c. we were obliged oblidged to turn our backs & and lose all our glory. 

(Para break in Lockhart)

Various, no doubt, are peoples sentiments as to the reason reasons or motives yt that enduced us to retreat, which Ishall I shall leave to be canvass’d canvassed at leisure. 

(Para break in Lockhart)

However, It being resolved to return to Scotld Scotland, the nixt next day being Decr. 6 December sixth, we returned march’d marched to Ashburn -  on the 7th marched seventh to Leek &  and on the 8th eighth to Macclesfield;  the 9th ninth the whole Army army marched to Manchester, the 10 6th tenth to Wiggan, the 11th eleventh to Preston where we stayed all the 12th twelfth.

Marginal note:  here D. Perth wth 100 horse was ordered in to Scotld. to bring up the Fr. & others yt were at Perth but meeting with some difficulty return’d back to the Pr.

(No para break in Lockhart)

On the 13th thirteenth we march’d marched to Lancaster,and halted the 14th fourteenth, which day a reconoitring reconeitring party took prisoners 6 two of the D. of Cumbd. Duke of Cumberlands men called Rangers ;  While we were at Preston the Duke of Perth with an hundred horse was orderd to Scotland to bring up the French and others that were at Perth, but meeting with some difficultys, returned back. the 15th On the fifteenth we came to Kendal.;  the 16th sixteenth, the main body of our Army army was at shap Shap, but the Rear rear guard were obliged were oblidged to stop at a farm 4 four miles from Kendal,by reason yt  agreat that a great many of the carriages & and particularly the four-wheeld fourwheeld waggons, in which was part of the Ammunition amunition, could not be got forwarded forward because of the steepness of the hill & and badness of the road:;  but small carts being got nixt next day & and the Ammunition amunition shifted from the broken wagons waggons, they came yt that night to Shap the m


The contents of the marginal note are carried virtually intact into Lockhart, three lines below.