Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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Page numbered 21

house belonging to Marquis of Twedale Marquess of Tweedale then Secretary secretary of State state and who had signd signed the Order order for apprehending the P. with apremium a premium of 30 000£ 30000l.; yet did not his Army army, tho tho’ flush’d with Victory victory, commit committ any abuse, as nether neither was done in the least degree at Ld Lord Stairs Stairs’s house of New-liston Newliston in their way to Edn. Edinburgh, tho’ the Glenco’ Glenco men were of our Number number and could not have forgot the masacre massacre of their Clan in former days and by whose Orders &c. clan soon after the Revolution and by whose order.

(Para break in Lockhart)

The nixt next day we marched back to Edinr. Edinburgh and took up our old Camp camp at Dudingston & the villages adjacent. during During the P.’s stay in Edn.  Edinburgh waiting for more recruits a further reinforsement from the Highlands and the providing of other necessarys for our March march into England.,  Clanronald’s Clanronalds Regiment regiment was ordered down to Newhaven, avillage a village west of from Leith upon the Sea sea side, to cut of the communication & prevent any correspondence correspondenee betwixt the Governmt’s 2 Governments two ships of war (viz.  vizt. the Fox,  & and Happy Janet Jenet) & and the Castle of Edn. Edinburgh, which last was likewise to be now blockaded; upon which, the Guns guns from the Castle annoyed day and night the inhabitants day and night till the inhabitants by adeputation a deputation was sent from them to the P. earnestly begg’d begging he could would consider their distress’d Condition distressed condition; upon which when he was graciously pleased to take off the blockhade blockade. 

(Para break in Lockhart)

During our stay at Edn. Edinburgh we were joined by Ld Lord Pitsligo & and a good body of Horse horse from the Mearns &ca, mostly Gentlemen fm Mearns & aberdeensh.& by Ld as also by Lord Ogilvy & his Regiment regiment of foot from the Mearns Mearns &c braes Braes of Angus, And and Glenbucket with the Gordons & and Glenlivet men.  Also the D.  The Duke of Athole Athol also came up to us with a fresh body


Lockhart departs slightly from text in three places but keeps to the meaning