Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 18

stealing a march upon us towards Ednr Edinburgh.  The disposition being made,  his H. R. H. address’d his little army in these words ‘Follow me Gentlemen; by the Assistance assistance of God I will this day make you a free & and happy people.’  We then marched chearfully on & engadged the Enemy and engaged the enemy;.

Marginal note included by Lockhart:  Our Attk our attack being on the East east side obliged oblidged Cope to change his Disposition disposition.  Our attack was bold and quick in the grey of the morng.  The Our Right right wing was led on by the D. Duke of Perth Lt Genl as Leutenant General and consisted of the Regiments regiments of Clanronald, Keppoch, Glengarie & and Glenco under their severall several cheifs;. the Left by L Lord George Murray consisting of the Batallions batalions of Camerons commanded by Lochiel their cheif, the Stuarts Stewarts of Appin by Ardshiel their cheiftain, Appin not being engadged with us in this affair,; One one body of Mcgregors McGregors with Glencairney, and the rest of the Mcgregors McGregors with the D. Duke of Perth’s Perths men under Major James Drummond.  The Enemys Artillery enemys artillary plaid furiously upon our left especially on Locheils Lochiells Batallions battalions,; their Cannon cannon also raked our Right Wing racked our right wing but did little execution.  Their Cannon Great Guns great guns were seconded followed by avery a very regular fire of the dragoons on the Right right and Left left, and this again by closs platoons of all their Infantry infantry which our men received with Intrepidity & intrepidity and an huzza, athing a thing most extraordinary in a militia & an army undisciplined & and untryed, who upon this occasion keept up their fire till they were very near being always sure yt that their One one fire should do execution, which


Journal says "Marginal note: Our Att(ack?) being on the east side obliged Cope to change his Disposition. Our attack was bold and quick in the grey of the morning. Lockhart uses the same words…" our attack being on the east side oblidged Cope to change his disposition"