Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 15

was yt that he thought the K. (Viz. his Fathers) Declaration & Ks (viz.his fathers) declaration and his own Manifesto manifesto were sufficient terms of Capitulation capitulation for all his M..ys His M-t-s subjects to accept of with Joy joy and yt that they had no other to expect. To consider of which he gave them 4 hours, & and required apositive a positive Answer answer by two aclock 2 a clock in the morning; but no answer comming comeing, & and only a further delay askd asked,, his His R. H. ? ordered a Detacht detachment of 900 men under cloud of night to storm the Town town, and accordingly, Lochiel, Keppoch & and Ardshiel with some of the best armed of their several Commands severall commands together with Mr OSulivan, silently marched up to the City city gate at the Netherbow and about break of day boldly forced their way, theire there being no resistance made by the small guard at the Port port, so there was no blood shed. Our people with drawn sword & and target, with a hideous yell & and their particular manner of making an ane attack (they not knowing what resistance they might meet with in the Town town) marched quickly up e street, not no one leaving their rank or order, & and forced their way into the city guard house & and took possession , the . The main body drew up in the Parliament Closs closs and guards were immediately placed at every gate of the City city; and the Inhabitants inhabitants cannot in Justice justice but acknowlege acknowledge that the behaviour of our Highlanders was Civil & Innocent civil and innocent beyond what even their best friends could have expected.