Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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Page numbered 14

hospitable manner which indeed were as were well as many others other of our friends freinds yt who followed soon after,

(Para break in Lockhart)

.  this This night we lay at Touch, and nixt next day being the 14th  we marched from Touch to Falkirk  the  The town of Sterling Stirling, abandoned by the Dragoons dragoons were was ready to receive us, tho’ we did not enter; and provisions being demanded, were readily soon provided  for us by order of the Magistrates majestrates. that night we stayed As we passed Sterling Stirling Several Cannon severall cannon were fir’d fired at us from the Castle castle., when we came to Falkirk, hearing that Col Gardiner. At Falkirk we understood that Colonel Gardner with his dragoons had retreated east 6 six miles further to Linlithgow  Lithgow, and  the Pr. P. ordered a detachment  detatchment of 500 men  to advance befor before the main body & and attack the dragoons in their Camp camp; but Gardiner Gardner, dreading  the worst, march’d marchd off  at 7 a clock oclock in the Evening evening & and encamped at Kirkliston water Kirkliston-water 6 miles west of Edn Edinburgh.  We encamped 3 miles to the east of Linlithgow & and the 16th marched towards Corstorphin Corstorphine whither Gardiner Gardner still retired, where we heard he was Joined joined by Hamilton’s Hamiltons dragoons who had been encamped in Leith links and being reinforced reinforsed with by the Edinburgh City city guard of Edn&  and some voluntiers from Edr were resolved to wait & and receive us at Corstorphin Corstorphine;, but their picket, upon the approach of our advanced guard retreated to their main body &  and altogether soon fled by the North north side of Edr Edinburgh to Leith & Musselburgh and Musleburgh, the foot returning to Edr the town

(Para break in Lockhart)

We encamped that night at Grey’s Grays milns within two miles to the 2 miles S. West west of Edr the City city, where some of the magistrates of Edr majestrates of Edinburgh waited on the P. to desire time to draw up a Capitulation capitulationHis H. R. H.s  H’s answer was


Lockhart mainly changes a few word orders, but not the meaning. However, he does add the fact that "we did not enter" (Stirling)