Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 12

& Dond. Mcdonald of Lochgarrie and Donald McDonald of Lochgarie were sent with 100 men to surprise the Barracks  barracks of Riven but having haveing nothing but their small Arms arms they were repulsed with the loss only of  two men killed & and 2 wounded.  ;However however they fell upon a method a method to take Mcpherson McPharson of Cluny prisoner (who commanded a Company company in the Government’s Governments Service service) and brought him prisoner to the Camp camp at Dalwhiny [marginal note Dalchrainy C. M.] from whence he was dismist upon his promising to raise his men as soon as possible for the Prince’s P’s Service.  Nixt Next day being 21 our our army marched as far as Dailnaceardoch Dalnaccardoch in Athol, & and the Day day following we reached the Castle of Blair, a seat of the D. of Athole Duke of Athole, where we were well received & and stayed 3 three days here on the 23 Here we were join’d joined by Ld Lord Nairn his Brother brother, and several severall other Gentlemen gentlemen from Perthshire.  From Blair we marched on the 26 for Dunkeld Dunkelld and nixt next day came to Perth whither Lochiel Ld Lord Nairns Brother brother &c. were sent two 2 days befor before to proclaim the P. Regent R., and Keppoch was depatched dispatched at the same time to Dundee in order to seize sease some Arms arms, amunition, and publick money &c. there. 

(Para break in Lockhart)

After our arrival arrivall at Perth the Army was reviewed, and Clanronald with 150 men was sent to second Keppoch’s Keppochs interprise enterprise at Dundee, who by wrong information had been told bysome by some Gentlemen gentlemen from Dundee that toun town yt that he could not effectuate effectuat any thing there without agreater a greater force.  We set sett out from Perth about midnight abt one in morning and marched so quick yt that we reached Dundee about by daybreak, being . Being were soon masters of


Lochart omits the "on the 26th", which is underlined, (but not crossed out) in the Journal
'Dalwhiny' is underlined in the Journal. 'About midnight' also.