Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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Page numbered 11

the morning & arrived at GarvinmoireGarvemore where finding Cope had slipt out. our Regiment regiment in the Van van nixt next  Glengaries & Keppochs & and Ardsheals followed in order and Lochiel Lochiels, in the Rear rear.  We were all in good spirits and resolute to meet them  the Enemy  enemy in the muir, judging  judgeing they were to hold their course over the hill of Corryerrag Corryarag towards Fortaugustus Fortagustus, being the more provocked provoked yt that Cope was comming  comeing in a hostile manner into our Country country.  We had just passed the hill when a Gentleman  gentleman of the name of Mcpherson  McPharson came to give his His R. H. Notice  notice yt  that Sr Joh.  Sir John Cope had the day before altered alterd his rout from Corryerrag to Riven of B  Corryarag and turning Northward  northward had marched to Riven in Badenoch, having  haveing to deceive us sent part of his baggage with 2 Companys companys of foot & and the Camp  camp colours four miles further on in the road to Fort Augustus Fortagustus, as if he was to follow them wth with his whole army Many of the Highlanders vex’d vext at Cope’s Cops escape it was  proposed by them yt that a strong detachmt detachment might be allowed to follow them, but this was not thought proper. the The Pr P. notwithstanding of this Intelligence  intelligence continued his March march untill he reached Garvamore in Badenough Badenoch, where upon the 19th a Council councill of war was held with the Heads heads of the Clans clans, Sr Tho.  Sir Thomas Sheridan, Secretary Murray &c (which last had now Joined  joind e the P.) came to the Pr. when it was resolved to March march to the South south of Scotland; &  and accordingly we reached Dalwhiny Dalquiny. nixt day.  Next day Dr Cameron, Locheil’s Lochiels brother Brother


Lockhart incorporates the text written between the lines in the appropriate place.