Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 10

after 3 nights stay at Glenfinnin Glenfinin his H. R. H. set out upon the 12th with Lochiels and Keppochs Regimts  regiments only, in order to encamp that night at Fasfearn Fassfarran in Lochaber, from which whence he marched nixt next morning to Moy.  ,Clanronald’s Regiment Clanronalds regiment being ordered to follow with the baggage &c and prisoners, from the head of Lochseal to the Camp camp at Moy, where we joined them, (after a good deal of fatigue) ,on the 16th 15th, from whence we marched nixt next morning in order to encamp at Latterfinla Latterfinlay.  But his H. R. H. having got intelligence yt Sr inteligence that Sir John Cope (with about 4000 3000 men)  [200 has been written in above this figure] was got the length of Dalquiny in Badenoch, he marched on, under night with Clanronalds Clanronald and Keppochs Battalions Keppochs battalions till he came to the Castle of Invergarie from whence he marched nixt next day to Obertairve Obertaive in Glengarie where Lochiel came up wth with us.  Here Stewart of Ardsheil Ardshiel joined us the P. with 200 of the Appin Apin men,; also the Mcdonalds McDonalds of Glengarie being 600 good men comded conducted by D. Mcdonald of Lochgarie.

(Para break in Lockhart)

The P. being fully resolved to stop the further progress progres of the Governments troops, a Council council of war was held at Obertairv Obertaive, where it was chearfully resolved to take possession of the Defiles defiles of the Mountain Coryerrag mountain Corryarag, between Glengarie & Glengary and Badenoch, before Genl. Cope General Cop should reach them.  Accordingly his His R. H. set sett out at 6 in the  Augt August 27 at 4 morng morning fr fm Aberchallader in Glengy from Oberhallader in Glengary,.  We set out Aug 27 4 morng


The figure of 3000 men is repeated in Lockhart, despite the note of 200 above the original writing in the Journal