Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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Page numbered 5

our whole bussiness  business till Clanronald’s return from the Isle of Sky whose errand was in vain, these those Gentlemen gentlemen alledging that the P. comming comeing without some regular troops, more arms & and money, they were under no engadgement engagement to concurr in the Enterprise enterprize.  Donald Mcdonald of Scotos came also on aboard board as Glengaries representative, as likewise did also Cameron of Locheil, Mcdonald M’Donald of Keppoch & Mcdonald and M’Donald of Glenco who having concerted measures with the Pr. repaired his His R. H. in behalf of their K. king and Country country, repaired immediatly immediately to their respective Homes homes and with orders to conveen conveened all their followers & and appoint appointing them to randevouze randevouse upon the 28th  (blank) of next month, being August, at Glenfinnin in Moydart where his His R. H. with Clanronald’s Regiment regiment would join them and then display the Royal Standard; the royal standart. These Chieftains chieftains carried with them some arms & and amunition for the use of such of their people as wanted. 

(Para break in Lockhart)

Capt. Welsh  Captain Walsh now preparing to return to for France took his leave of the P. and weighed Anchor anchor on the 25th Jully of July, which day his His R. H., Athole, the Duke of Athole, Clanronald &c came on shore & and landed at the little village of Borradil Borradel in the Country country of Arisaig belonging to Clanronalds Clanronald Country