Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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= omitted from Lockhart
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Page numbered 4

in the case of aSurprise a surprise.  I answered that in such times of danger or during awar a war we had a different method of using useing the plaid, that with one spring I would  could start to my feet with drawn sw sword, and & cock’d pistle  pistol in my hand without being in the least encumber’d  incumber’d with my bedcloths bedcloaths.  Several  Severall such questions he put to him me; then rising quickly from his seat he calls for a dram, when the same person whispered  whisper’d me asecond a second time, not to pledge him the stranger but not to drink to him; ,by which seasonable hint I was Iwas confirmed confirm’d in my Suspicion suspicion who he was, having . Having taken a glass of wine in his hand he drank to us all round and soon after left us.

On the 19th 20th & 21st his R. H. was in private with Sr Tho. Sir Thomas Sheridan, Athole the Duke of Athole & and Clanronald and on the 22nd Clanronald and Allan Mcdonald younger Brother brother to Kinlochmoydart were sent to Sr Alexr Sir Alexander Mcdonald of Slate & and the Laird of Mccloed Mcloed to enduce induce them to join his R. H. according to duty & and promise;Glenaladel, another gentleman and I being likewise sent to conveen Clanronalds men and to get some of the best of them for the P’s P-‘s guard in the mean time, and others to be imployed employd in unloading the ship of the arms and ammunition.This was our

'19th' is a Margin Note.