Journal - 1745, comparison with Lockhart - 1817

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Journall & Memoires of Prince .... Charles's Expedition into Scotland etc 1745-6
By Highland Officer in his Army

1745 Jully 18th

Upon the 26th 18th of Jully July 1745 His R. H. arrived in the harbour of Lochnanùgh  Lochnanuagh in Arisaig (a corner of Clanronald’s Country on the western coast of Scotland) on board a French Ship of 18 30 guns, commanded by Capt. Captain Walsh.  He was accompanied only by the D.  Duke of Athole, Sr  Sir Thomas Sheridan, Sr Sir John Mcdonald, Sr Sir Francis Strictland Strickland, Collonel O’Sulivan, Mr Kelly, Mr Buchanan, Mr Angus Mcdonald McDonald brother Brother to Kinlochmoydart, together with Mr Michael and three other servants.  This was all the foreign force in an ane Enterprise enterprise ye the  most hazardous & and resolute that the history of any person or Country country can aford.
Jully July 19th an ane express was dispatched dispatch’d for young Clanronald and nixt next day, being the 20th Clanrd
.Alexr. Mcdonald of, ǼÆneas Mcdonald of Dalely my Brother & Clanronald, Alexander McDonald of Glenaladale, Aeneas McDonald of Dalily, and I came to Forsy, asmall a small village opposite to the road where


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Page 1. The date July 18th 1745 that appears as a marginal note in the Journal has been substituted in the main text for 26th of July that appeared in the first sentence of the Journal.