Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 44

but of this affair Ld G. M. Col. Ker & O'neal
have given their diffirent Accounts as they have
also done of the nixts ^ battle of Collodden to which
            To proceed with our Author
the Reader is referr'd]B. ^
Upon our return to the Muir of Colloden tho the
P. had given orders for bringing meat & drink
for us to the field wch our men not expecting
through ? their great want of sleep meat & drink
many slipt off to take some refreshment in Inverness
Colloden & the neighbourhood; and others ^ 3 or 4 miles
distant ^ they had friends & acquaintances and the
said refreshments so lidled them asleep yt designing
                                          rest             afterwards
only to take an hours sleep ^ or two were ^ surprised and
killed in their beds. By this means we wanted
in the Action at least one third of our best men
                                                of them had
and of these who did engage many ^ hurried back fm
Inverness &c upon the allarm of the Enemys approach
both Gentlemen & others, as I did my self, having only
taken one drink of ale to supply all my need; Besides
this deficiency in our several Regiments which am-
mounted to above a third as I said, we likewise wanted
Clunie's brave clann of Mcphersons Cromertys wch
was Surprised in Sutherland, Barrisdals Mcdonalds,
& Glengyle with his Mcgregors ^ out upon Command in
the shire of Ross. All these unhappy Circumstances
for us considered, it is no wonder the event of