Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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N.B. Words in italics over a caret (^) represent inserted notations in the script

Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 40

french ^Ingineers & Artilery; Fort Augustus was
taken & demolished but we were not so Successfull at
Fortwilliam, we not being properly provided for
such an Interprise. * As our Army from Aber
   left yt place Feb 23                  the Country of Spey
deen ^ took possession of Elgin & the Spey ^ to defend
the passage of that Spey ^ agt the D. of Cumbd. who
       by                       East
had ^ marched by the ^ Coast with his whole Army
towards Aberdeen having sent detachmts from
                                           & Bl of Athole
Perth to Dunkeld & Castle Menzies ^ And befor
he left Perth about 6000 Hessians ^ landed at Leith
                                             were ordered to
and marching Westward by Sterling ^ take up their
quarters at Perth & the neighbourhood in order
                    prevent the return
to secure the retreat ^ of our Highlanders to the
Low country again if we should attempt it.
           fm Sutherland
In our return ^ to Inverness we learnt yt the D. of C.
was marching with his whole Army from Aberdn
in order to cross they Spey & give us battle under
standing no doubt of our Army being much
dispersed & upon Command in different places ^
we ^ hastened our march back to Inverness . In
a few days after we ^ joined the Army we were or-
dered to March to Nairn & from thence to Elgin to
join those who were appointed to guard to ^ passage of
the Spey.                                                                  Our Bat.

Addition to text (Written in the margin and between lines and continued at the foot of the page):
*Ld G. M. Ld Ogilvy. Ld Pitsl &c had left Abd about (?)march(?)
Whilst our low country army lay at Aberdn
some                                     (?)
^ several ships landed there ^ (?)France wth Some Money Arms and abt 300 of (?)James drgoons but mostly dismouned and they altogether left Aberdeen Feb. 23d & marched to Elgin & the neighbrhood in the Country of Spey
          (?) this month                   made emselvs masters of while he was Engd
About this time ^the Hazard Sloop (wch the P's friends had taken ^
at Montrose & was now imployed in his Service) had come from
   with money
France ^ and being chac'd by some of the Governmts ships of war
into the murray Firth was driven on shore whereby the Money
fell into the hands of Ld Rae's peo. then in Arms for e Govermt.
a loss wch contributed much to our future misfortunes. we being
at this time in great way of Pay wch we had got very regularly hitherto.