Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 37

Gentleman satisfied of the unhappy fellow's In
         with his dying breath that
nocence begg'd ^ he might not suffer with his dying
breath but nothing could restrain the greif & fury
of his people and good luck it was yt he was a
Mcdonald ( tho not of his own Tribe but ^ Keppoch's)
and after all they his men began to desert daily after this
^ which had abad effect upon others also, and lessened our
numbers considerably. So that when the D. of C.
                                             late                  Falk.
who (upon the news of their ^ dissaster at ^ was ordered
down to Scotld to take the Command) was prepar
ing to set out again from Edn with the Army with
                                                           L. . . (?) & Ld McC.
areinforcement of 2 Regiments of foot & 4 R ^ of dra-
goons it was Judged expedient by his R. H. & a Coun-
cil of war to retreat over ^ the Forth. Col OSulivan
having wrote to Ld John Drumd. to leave the seige
of Sterling and Join us in the retreat. We ? according
           Feb 1 at the ford of Frew    our
ly passed the Forth, ^ carrying their ^ wounded men and
*1 prisoners alongst. In was lucky for the D. of C.s cha
racter yt the P. found it necessary to make ^ retreat
upon his approach and which no doubt would ^ augment
*2 his glory amongst his friends & followers whose
Van-guard under Brigr. Mordaunt enter'd Sterling
                       in ?                              the
on the 1st Feb ^which day we pass'd ^ Forth and went
by Dumblane to Creif here a Council being held the Ar-
my divided & march'd in three ^ seperate Corps the P. him
self with the clans by Taybridge & near aberfeldy the publick
^ road, the Horse & Low country men by Perth & by the
        to Aberdeen
Coastside ^ it being agreed yt they should assemble again
          about t Inverness
in the North ^ this measure being necessary for the Armys
easier march & better Subsistance; And I observe

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*1 B:
*2 B.