Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 36

in the Middle & Locheil in the west end of the Town
              most of
we took all ^ their Cannon Aammunition & baggage which
they had not emselves destroyed. We reckoned about
700 of they enemy taken prisoners besides officers and
     men & between 30 & 40 officers killed
about 600 killed ^ . We had not above 40 men killed on
our side; among whom were 2 or 3 Captains & some Sub
altern officers. His R. H.'s first care, early nixt morning
was to cause bury the dead as well those of the Enemy
as our own people. Had not night come on and ^ very
stormy and our men engadged in pillaging the Enemys
Camp our Army might have got betwixt them & Lith
                                                                      but they
gow and would have entirely destroyed them, ^ being
in want of every thing they thought fit nixt day to
retire to Edn. near 20 miles from the field of Battle.
both                                               the
^ our officers & men behaved with ^ great^ bravery and our
order in marching & attacking were allowed to be far
beyond expectation in the Judgemt. of officers who had
been ^ the wars abroad It must be acknowledged indeed
yt the Irish officers were of great use to us in going
thro' the diffirent posts and assisting in several
dispositions yt were made. Genl. Hawly's Army con-
sisted of 12 Regimts of foot 3 of dragoons 12 Companys
of Argylsh. Highlanders under Col. Cambel and 1000
voluntiers 800 Glasgow Militia in all about 10,000 men,
As said there ^ betwixt 30 & 40 of their officers killed 560
private men killed 700 taken prisoners

An unlucky Accident happened amongst us nixt day
Coll Enæas Mcdonald second Son to Glengarie and who
commanded the Glengarie men abrave & good na
tur'd youth was unhappily shot by the Accident
of ahighlandman's cleaning his piece this poor Gen