Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 25

indeed got good quarters and plenty of provisions in their
march and ^ well paid So yt we Judged we were able to fight
                                                    yt could
double our Number of any troops (?) ^ oppose us and
would to God we had push'd on tho we had been all
cut to pieces when we were in a Condition for fighting
and doing honour to our Noble P. & the glorious cause
we had taken in hand, rather than to ^ survived & seen
that fatal day of Colloden when in want of Provisi
ons money and rest ^ we were obliged to turn our backs
& lose all our glory Various no doubt are peoples
sentiments as to the reason or motives yt enduced
us to retreat which Ishall leave to be canvass'd
*1 at leisure. ^ It being resolved to return to Scotld
the nixt day being Decr. 6 we returned march'd to Ashburn on
the 7th marched to Leek & on the 8th to Macclesfield the
9th the whole Army marched to Manchester the 10 ^
to Wiggan the 11th to Preston where we stayed all the 12th *2 On
the 13th ^ march'd to Lancaster halted the 14th which day
a reconoitring party took prisoners 6 of the D. of Cumbd.
men called Rangers . the 15th came to Kendal. the
16th the main body of our Army was at shap but the
Rear guard were obliged were obliged to stop at a farm
4 miles from Kendal by reason yt agreat many of the
carriages & particularly the four-wheeld waggons
in which was part of the Ammunition could not be
got forwarded because of the steepness of the hill
& badness of the road: but small carts being got
nixt day & the Ammunition shifted from the brok-
en wagons they came yt night to Shap the

Marginal notes and additions to the text:
*1 Ld G.
   M. Jor

*2 here D. Perth wth 100 horse was ordered in to Scotld. to bring up
the Fr. & others yt were at Perth but meeting with some difficulty
return'd back to the Pr.