Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 24

beat up for recruits and begun to form the Manchester Regimt.
the Army marched to Manchester and halted there^
the 30th Decemr. we marched to Macclesfield here
Coll Car(?) Gryden being sent out to get intelligence of
the Enemy, took Capt. Vere a spy prisoner by whom
he learned that the D. of Cumberland with his Army
of foot & Dragoons lay at Newcastle upon Tyne

Decr. 2nd the Van marched to Congleton (within 9 miles
                        at which place
of Nw.castle under Line) ^ the Main body of the
D.of Cumberlands Army lay, From Congleton Coll Car    *2
was sent out with a detachmt towards Newcastle
for Intelligence and within 3 miles of yt place he
took Mr Wear their cheif spy prisoner & brought him
? ^ Congleton upon which the D. of Cumberlands Ar
my retir'd to Litchfield. the P.R. having Intelligence
of his retreat from Newcastle under Line marched
for Derby by Ashburn ? Decr. 3d the Van march'd
to Ashburn by Leck, the main body rested the 2d at
Macclesfield & marched the 3d to Leck. the 4th the whole
Army went to Derby where they stay'd all the 5th and
in a Council of War held in his R. H. presence (dis
patches of importance being received) it was resol-
ved to return to Scotld. how far this was the proper-
                                                                     some thought
est Course has been much canvass'd, so thinking ^       *3
the Intelligence fm Scotld of the great numbers con
veened in Arms or landed from France was an
imposition and yt the P. with great unwillingness
consented to aretreat. One thing is certain never
were our Highlanders in higher Spirits notwith-
standing their long & fatiguing march they had

Margin notes:
*1 Mc
*2 Mcd. Jorl
*3 B: