Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 23

road to N.Castle in order to meet Genl. Wade & give
him battle but after waiting 2 days & understanding
yt Wade declined advancing towards us, his R. H. order-
ed the blockade of Carlyle to be renewed which was
done by one half of the Army whilst the P. with the
other half remained at Brampton as the most Con
venient post to attack the Enemy had they attempted
*1 the releif of Carlyle. The trenches were opened on the
13th at night under Command of the D. of Perth about a
musket shot from the walls of the Town about mid-
way between the English & Scots gates and 13 Cannon
were brought up in order to play upon the Town, but
this was prevented by the Capitulation sign'd by the
Governour &c on thursday the 14th and his R. H. enter'd
& took possession of the Town & Castle on friday Mor-
ning being the 15th during both the blockades of the
Town there was but one man killed & one wounded.
The Militia yt served in Carlyle and all the inhabitants
of the city & neighbourhood can testify the exact disci
pline of our Army who paid for every thing they got
and all were protected in their liberty & propertys
                                                                         when leaving
*2 His R. H. continued in Carlyle till the 20th which day^
a sufficient Garison in the Town
^ the Van marched for Penrith, on the 21 the Van mar
ched again to Shap & the main body to Penrith; 22d the
Van ? ? Kendal & the main body halted at Pen
rith, 23 the main ^ came to Kendal. 24th the Van marched
to Lancaster & the main body halted at Kendal. 25th the
Van marched to Grafton & the main body to Lancaster.
26th the Van passed Preston & quarter'd at the village
on the other side of the Bridge & the main body came
to Preston. 27th the whole Army halted. 28th we marched
to Wiggan & the villages near to it. 29th all the

Margin notes:
*1 13
*2 20