Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 22

         By this time
of his men; ^ Some Money, asmall train of Artilery
and Mr Grant the Ingeneer from France have ^ come
                   and                   having small hopes of
to the Abbay ^ the P. finding little from ^ the Mcdonalds
& mcloeds from Sky &c their cheifs being Artfully
detained by their great director Mr Duncan For
bes of Colloden & President of the Session in Scotld.
He resolved to March for Engld. Accordingly
the last day of Octr. his R. H. left the Abbay at Edn.
                                                         some of whch were
and went attended by his guards of Gentlemen ^
accoutered & mounted as Huzzars to Pinky house
and nixt day Novr 1 ? Marched by ^ Dalkeith then       *1
        the rod to
took the ^ Kelso road for Engld with one part of his
Army while the other part with the D. of Athole&c
marched by Mofat to randevouze upon the
English border. viz The D. of Ath. with the Low C. Regimts
the whole horse & the Artilery march'd by Dumfries
The P. set out a day latter fm Dalkth. with e 6 Hld. Regimts.*

Nov 8th being Friday his R. H. entered England &
                                                        first Column
quartered at Riddings all night the9th we ^ passed      *2
the water of Eden at Rockly ^ about two in the
afternoon & quarter'd that night in the Villages west
                                  the 10th
from Carlyle. nixt morning ^ being Sunday Y             *3
after summoning the Town in vain
^ Carlyle was blockaded on all hands and the Cannon
were brought up in order to raise abattery yt night
but intelligence being come yt Genl Wade was ---
marching to wards Carlyle, his R. H. went early on
Munday the 11th to Brampton being 7 miles on the road

Addition to text at foot of page:
* marched the day after by ? Kelso .cross'd the Tweed &
         came to
reached ^ Jedburgh from whence crossing the border met
with the other Column at Bimond within 2 miles of Carlyle

Margin notes:
*1 Novr.
*2 8th.
      Ld. G. M.
*3 10th