Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 21

*1  house belonging to Marquis of Twedale then Se-
cretary of State and who had sign'd the Order for
apprehending the P. with aPremium of 30 000£
yet did not his Army tho flush'd with Victory
commit any abuse as nether was done in the
least degree at Ld Stairs house of New-liston in their
way to Edn. tho' the Glenco' men were of our Num-
ber and could not have forgot the masacre of
their Clan in former days and by whose Order &c.
*2  The nixt day we marched back to Edinr. and took
up our old Camp at Dudingston & the Villages adja
cent. during the P.'s stay in Edn waiting for more
recruits from the Highlands and the providing of
other necessarys for our March into England Clan-
ronald's Regiment was ordered down to Newhaven
avillage west of Leith upon the Sea side to cut of
                  & correspondence
the communication ^ betwixt the Governmt's 2 ships
                                                                   of Edn
of war (viz. Fox & Happy Janet) & the Castle ^ which
was likewise to be blockaded, upon which the Guns
  the Castle
from ^ annoyed day & night the inhabitants day and
^ till the inhabitants by adeputation to the P earnestly
begg'd he could consider their distress'd Condition
upon which ^ he was graciously pleased to take
off the blockhade. During our stay at Edn. we were
joined by Ld Pitsligo & a good body of Horse mostly Gen-
    fm Mearns & aberdeensh
tlemen. ^ & by Ld Ogilvy & his Regiment of foot from
     Mearns &c braes of Angus
the Mearns ^ And Glenbucket with the Gordons
& Glenlivet men. Also the D. of Athole with a ^ body

Margin notes: *1 B.
                        *2 B.