Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 19

they having done immediatly threw down their
guns and drawing their Broad Swords pour'd
in upon them ^ like atorrent carried all before
them. Our march up to the Enemy till we came
near was without pipe or drum in the most pro-
found Silence till the attack was begun when ^ all
our Instruments tongues & hands were at work,
As we were about to engadge Mcdonald of Glena-
ladel of Clanronald's Regimt was ordered wth
a detached party of 60 chosen men double armed
to take possession of the Enemys baggage at
Portseton as soon as he should ^ the main bodys
engadge. As the Pr. left his guard in the march
to the attack talking earnestly with D of Perth
                    & giving
& Clanr-d gave ^ his last Orders & Injunctions; And
returning to his guard as I happened to pass near
                                                in Erse
by him he with aSmile said to me ^ Gres-ort,
Gres-ort, yt is, make haste, make haste. As in our
march to the attack the right was obliged to stop a
little till the left should come up; at this time the
Enemys guards first perceived us for we heard them
call out 'who is there? who is there? Cannons, Cannons,
get ready the Cannons Canonneers, but our quick march
& sudden & intrepid attack soon brought ^ into the midst
of our enemys where we soon put them to rout the
Genl. and afew horse and officers . . . . dly escaping with
difficulty to Berwick, Major Cawfield with a few Dra
goons to Leith & Edinburgh Castle. Now whatever