Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 13

being masters of the Town we seiz'd two ships with
Arms & Amunition which was sent further up the
river near to Perth, we took up some publick
Money liberated some prisoners & proclaimed the
P. Regent and upon Munday thereafter our Regiment
^ marched back to Perth. His R.H. left
                       and we were yt night at Dumblane
Perth on Wednesday the 11th v^ where our Army stayed the
when we marched near 20 miles & came to Dumblane
where our Army
rested for ye

*2 12th & encamped yt night amile without the Town
                                                                         marched fm
between Dumblane & Sterling. *1 the 13th we left ^ Dumblane and
leaving Sterling on our left *3 we passed the River
Forth at the Ford of the Frew under Balquhan and
about six miles above Sterling; here we expected to
have been oppossed by Col Gardiner's Dragoons who
              were                                                 and
had been ^ encamped in the Park of Sterling ^ who
we heard had threatned to cut us all to pieces if
we attempted to cross the water the' dragoons v how
instead of intercepting our passage as soon as they
heard of our crossg e Riv

ever upon our approach gallopped away in great
hurry and lay that night at Falkirk (?) P. having
crossed Ford
The P. in crossing Forth may be said
  have                        he
to ^ pass the Rubicon ^ had no highland grounds for
       refuge                                       being
shelter ^ in case of any disaster was ^ enter'd into the
low country and must fairly meet his fate. the P.&
^ Army halted & din'd (after passing the River) at
                     the House               the name of
Leckie belonging t ^ of a Gentleman of ^ Moir and ?
? knowing
who had the night befor had been
            by aparty of Dragoons
taken in his bed ^ & carried prisoner to Sterling Castle
upon intelligence yt he was preparing to receive
& entertain the Pr. & his Company in the most hos-

Marginal notes and additions to the text:
*1 It was in this neighbourh'd in the field of Sherrif Muir yt many of our
Fathers and likewise . . several of us now wth the Pr. fought for the same
cause at the battle of ? Sherrifm.muir
*2 12
*3 The Pr. stopp'd alittle a New for Edmonston's entry & drink aglass of
wine where the Ladys &c fm all Land were assembled to see him