Copy of Original Journal & Memoires
of Prince Charles's
Expedition into Scotland 1745-6
By a Highland Officer in his Army
Together with transcript

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Journal - Introduction

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Page numbered 12

& Dond Mcdonald of Lochgarrie were sent with 100 men
to surprise the Barracks of Riven but having nothing
but their small Arms they were repulsed with the loss on-
ly of two men killed & 2 wounded. However they fell upon
amethod to take Mcpheson of Cluny prisoner (who com-
manded a Company in the Government's Service) and
brought him prisoner to the Camp at Dalwhiny from whence   *1
he was dismist upon his promising to raise his men as
being 21
soon as possible for the Prince's Service. Nixt day ^
our army marched as far as Dailnaceardoch in Athol            *2
& the Day following we reached the Castle of Blair
a seat of the D. of Athole where we were well received
& stayed 3 days here on the 23 we were join'd by Ld
Nairn his Brother and several other Gentlemen from
Perthshire. From Blair we marched on the 26                      *3
for Dunkeld & nixt day came to Perth whither Lochi
el Ld Nairns Brother &c were sent two days befor
                     P. Regent,
to proclaim the (?) ^ and Keppoch was depatched at
the same time to Dundee in order to seize some Arms
amunition & ^ money &c there. After our arrival at
Perth the Army was reviewed and Clanronald with
         was ? sent
150 men ^ to second Keppoch's interprise at Dundee
who by wrong information had been told bysome
                               that toun              not
Gentlemen from Dundee ^ yt he could ^ effectuate any
thing there without agreater force. We set out from
                 abt one in morning
Perth about Midnight ^ & marched so quick yt we reach
ed Dundee about daybreak, ^ were soon masters of

marginal notes:
*1 Dalch
     C. M.
*2 Jorn
*3 26. or